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  • Why Run Away Events?


    Experience that Runs Deep

    Our journey began over three decades ago, driven by a profound love for fitness, community, and the thrill of a challenge. Our extensive experience has fortified our understanding of what it takes to craft unforgettable events that resonate with participants of all backgrounds and abilities. From inception to execution, our team's collective wisdom guides each step of the process.

    Founded with a deep-rooted passion for fitness, community, and exceptional experiences, Run Away Events is your trusted partner in creating memorable race day moments. As a locally owned and operated professional event planning and race management team, we bring over 35 years of expertise to every endeavor. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, reflected in our top-of-the-line equipment and our dedicated team of people who work tirelessly to ensure unparalleled events for our participants. We take immense pride in offering family-friendly events in the Fox Cities, Green Bay and beyond that not only challenge and inspire but also give back to local non-profits, embodying our commitment to fostering stronger and more vibrant communities. Join us in celebrating the joy of movement, the thrill of competition, and the spirit of unity that defines Run Away Events.

    Crafting Moments, Building Memories

    We take immense pride in shaping family-friendly events that serve as rallying points for the Fox Cities community. Our events transcend the boundaries of mere races; they become moments etched in the memories of participants, families, and friends. From the thrill of the starting line to the jubilation of crossing the finish, we orchestrate experiences that inspire, challenge, and unite.


    Giving Back, Building Stronger

    Community lies at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe in the power of giving back. Our commitment to local non-profits underscores our dedication to building stronger, more resilient communities. Every stride taken in our events contributes to the betterment of our region, fostering a sense of purpose that resonates far beyond the race course.

    Your Journey, Our Expertise

    With Run Away Events, your journey is our passion and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a first-timer, our events are designed to embrace you in a warm, inclusive atmosphere. Join us as we continue to shape the tapestry of unforgettable moments, connect communities, and celebrate the joy of moving forward together.


    Races in the Fox Valley

    Run Away Shoes has races and events in the Fox Valley and Green Bay throughout the year! A variety of distances are offered: from one-mile to a 55-mile relay. There is something for everyone! Click on the individual races for more information and to register.

    Run Away Events: 4imprint Race Series

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