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  • Beginner Nutrition Tips from a Triathlete

    Beginner Nutrition Tips from a Triathlete

    Rhea is a runner, biker, swimmer, triathlete, and weightlifter for 45 years. Rhea has competed in bodybuilding, powerlifting ,martial arts, road races from 5k to marathon, week long bike tours and is an ironman.


    My top 2 suggestions for a person ramping up their training would be to first add electrolytes to water consumption during longer workouts and to incorporate a GU or similar item during workouts over 1.5 hours. Also, to consider using a recovery drink after if they are not able to eat a balanced snack right after.

    If you already have experience with some nutritional items for endurance athletes, I have a few suggestions if you’re looking to switch things up and try something new.  Run Away Shoes, we carry 10 top brands of nutrition items for fuel and recovery.


    Natural Energy Gels

    If you like Honey Stinger Energy Gels, try Huma Chia Energy Gels which fuels you with natural ingredients and are easy on your stomach.

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    Try a Different Texture

    If you like the way GU works for you, or are not sure how you will feel about a gel texture, try GU Liquid Energy that has the same energy as traditional GU energy gels but in a light and smooth liquid form.

    Shop Gu

    Solid Options

    If you use Clif Blocks, consider trying Honey Stinger Chews or Sport Beans. They are very portable in a resealable bag and easy to control how much you are taking in. Plus they are ALL yummy.

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    I personally tend to use liquid choices, Gu or Honey Stingers on runs and the gummies or sports beans on bike rides. I seldom eat a whole serving of any at once and always drink water with any that I eat so it can dissipate and go where it needs to go easily, Don’t want it sitting like a blob in my tummy! For me I like the flavors that you might use to top ice cream the caramels and chocolates. And a little tip, if you use Gu in winter and it freezes it tastes like frosting!


    Thank you to Rhea for sharing her personal experience and fueling recommendations! Check out even more tips from Ultramarathoner Scott Conklin.




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