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  • 8 Products to Make Winter Running More Comfortable


    Staff Favorites for Chilly Miles

    We asked our staff at Run Away Shoes for their winter running essentials. As runner's from Wisconsin, we cannot give up precious months of running outside just because the cold hurts our faces and the sidewalks become a bit more treacherous. Thankfully, there are apparel and accessories that solve all of it! Wisconsin runner's don't hibernate, we use amazing tools to make the most of this winter wonderland. Check out just a handful of our favorites curated in this collection.

    #1 & 2 - Cover your fingers and toes! Lots of gloves also have mitt options with wind breaking features and Smartwool merino wool socks cannot be beat for moisture management and insulation on the run. With lots of sock height and cushion options we know you'll find one that you'll love.

    Shop Our Staff Favorites!

    #3 Craft Nordlite Ultra

    Chris loves the Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie. Available in men's and women's, it's soft thermal fabric wicks away moisture while keep you warm. It has thoughtful features like a fold-over hand mitt and window watch so you never need to expose your hands or arms to the cold to check your pace! It also includes an antimicrobial finish keeps the sweat smell out in between washes.

    Shop Women's Notch Thermal Hoodie

    #4 Smartwool Neck Gaiter

    Jodi won't head out the door without her Smartwool Neck Gaiter. This 100% Merino wool gaiter features a soft, comfy feel that can be worn comfortably around the neck or pulled up to cover your mouth, cheeks and nose when needed! Available in solid colors or patterned.

    Shop Smartwool Patterned Neck Gaiters

    #5 Korkers Ice Runners

    Tina beat the last blizzard by securing traction with her Korkers Ice Runners. The 22 ultra durable carbide spikes bite the ice for a slip-free run. They are Lightweight, minimal and supportive for winter running.

    Shop Korkers Ice Runners

    #6 Goodr Sunglasses

    Mada won't run out in all of this blinding white snow without her favorite pair of Goodr sunglasses!

    Shop Goodr Sunglasses

    #7 Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer

    Ross always reaches for his Smartwool 250 baselayer. "I use it for colder days, hunting, running or any day I want to be warm, I can wear less second and third layers if my first is the best."

    Shop Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Pattern 1/4 Zip

    #8 Women's Advance Subz Running Wind Tights 2

    Tina felt fine in 1 degree weather in these tights. They were built to fight off those cold, wet, windy conditions when you need an intense workout. Flatlock seams will help you put an end to chafing. A rear zippered pocket is big enough to carry your phone securely on your run. No bulk, just a smooth winter run.

    Shop Womens Adv Subz Running Wind Tights 2


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