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  • From London to Wallace, Michigan: August Run Log


    August Run Log: A Photo Blog

    One of the many fantastic benefits of running is the ability to explore. This past month, I ran the bustling streets of London as well as the tranquil countryside of Wallace, Michigan. Both equally beautiful in their own way.

    July 30th

    Touring 4 miles of London on foot past so many tourist attractions.


    July 31st

    Glasgow Scotland. Yep, it rains a lot here. And it's still cool to see the 8 bridges that go across the river.

    August 4th

    Stirling Scotland. For all the other history buffs: this is the bridge where the Scottish Moray and Wallce defeated the English in 1297.


    August 5th

    Edinburgh Scotland. the Crags overlooking Edinburgh, yep rained that day too.

    August 12th

    I was timing at Kicking with the Cows 5K/10K.


    August 17th

    5 mile run in the hilly Wisconsin Dells countryside.

    August 24th

    The quiet countryside of Wallace UP Michigan. just a relaxing gravel road for 7 miles.


    August 28th

    Downtown Oshkosh to Menominee Park, then back to Main Street ending at New Moon.



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