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  • 32 Races to Age 32

    We interviewed Green Bay Store Employee Tina about the personal challenge she created for herself to run 32 races in a year before her 32nd birthday. She completed her challenge at Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN on Saturday, June 22, 2024. Congratulations, Tina! 

    Tell us about the goal you set for yourself and what inspired you to challenge yourself in that way.

    Last year I decided that I wanted to focus more on my health and be more intentional about it. As I was contemplating what to do, I remembered talking to some customers about races, and realizing that I wasnt familiar with some of the local races. So, to learn more about our local races and be healthier I thought why not create a challenge for myself? I decided to give myself a year to complete 32 races before I turned 32 years old. If I did a couple races a month it should be doable.

    Photo From Houdini 10K

    Of all of the races you have complete in the past year, which ones were the most memorable and why?

    When I started this challenge, I wasnt planning on running a marathon. I knew one day I wanted to one day, but I wasnt expecting to do it this year. I joined a running group where many of them were also running Grandmas. With a healthy dose of peer pressure and FOMO I decided to end my challenge with a bang a marathon! Leading up to race day there were mishaps happening left and right. From Steven, my fianc, not being able to join me in Duluth, shin splints, possible rain and thunder occurring I was nervous. Luckily some of my family members were able to join me in Duluth to cheer me on, the thunder decided to hold back, and Grandmas marathon was still on! This was the largest race Ive ever participated in, and organizers did a great job in hosting this event. From the staff support, cheering from the crowds, volunteers, and everyone else Im forgetting to include they were wonderful. Despite the rain I thoroughly loved this race and would do it again.

    Grandma's Marathon

    There are a couple more races that stood out to me. I participated in the Stump Farm trail races. They had a donut run that was considered a 5k. However, if you decided to eat a donut in their designated donut zones you could shorten your course. To run and eat donuts was a no brainer for me. I signed up as soon as I saw it.

    The next race I enjoyed was Run Away To They Bay. This was a relay race where 2-6 people could join up and run 55 miles together. I’ve never participated in a relay race, so this was exciting for me. The team basically hung out together all day, cheering our teammates, and snacking on food as we made our way from Oshkosh to Green Bay. Shout out to Run Away Shoes for making this a well-organized race! 

    How do you celebrate after a race?

    After every race, there were celebratory photos taken and delicious food eaten.

    Photo from Run Away to the Bay

    Now that youve completed this goal, Whats next for you?

    I surprisingly want to do another marathon. If possible, Id like to run one of these following marathons: Chicago Marathon, Flying Pig Marathon, New York City Marathon, or one of the Disney Marathons. I do also want to explore trail races and duathlons. As for my next birthday health goal, Im considering doing 3.3 miles for 33 days straight before my 33rd birthday.

    Pictured with Tina: her training partner :-)

    Tina's Go-To Products Through The Year

    Training Shoes: I had a decent amount of shoes in rotation during my training. However, the ones I seemed to grab the most were:

    Racing Shoes: My race shoe of choice was the Saucony Endorphin Pro.

    Socks that I used throughout my training were the Smartwool targeted and zero cushion, Balega ultralight, Feetures light cushion, and Saucony Inferno socks.


    Other accessories I considered essential in this journey were: Shokz headphones, Garmin watch, SPI belt, and my Nathan hydration vest.



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