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  • 20 Years of Run Away Shoes

    Whats one thing that has propelled your store and helped it reach this milestone anniversary?

    A "I need them more than they need me" philosophy (a customer, event participant, or other business connection). Having a humble approach is our biggest attribute. Second, staffing is the hardest and most rewarding part of the business. They are your friends, co-workers and family. We overall have a great team at Run Away. I don't know if I would be here if it weren't for two people Colin and Claire. They each have morphed into amazing leaders and directors of areas that I am extremely poor at. Run Away is a bigger idea than me and it shows in the staff and how we have lasted so long. Finally, 20 years in business provides plenty of opportunity for problem solving and overcoming obstacles. Success is not a linear path and we've grown stronger through navigating those obstacles as well as learning how to pivot.


    What is an important fact about Run Away Shoes worth noting?

    Run Away Shoes is truly what we like to call Your Neighborhood Shoe Store. All of our staff is local, we run in the same races and the same neighborhoods. My kids go to school with your kids. There is no large corporate structure. We support local non-profits through our shops and events in a variety of different ways. We are proud to maintain this business this way and are thankful for our patrons and event participants who believe in and support small businesses.

    Finally, what are ways Run Away Shoes has evolved over the past 20 years?

    Run Away Shoes has become layers of complimentary ventures over the past 20 years that includes the shops, our online store, our event company Run Away Event races, knowledge from a stint in the screen-printing world, and race timing. The knowledge and the experience we have in all these avenues helps us to support other local events and continue to build relationships in our communities in lots of different ways.

    Run Away Events

    Ross's Shop Favorites

    Training Shoes: Hoka Mach 6 or Mizuno Neo Vista

    Racing Shoes: Asics Metaspeed 

    Socks: Feetures Light Cushion No Show

    Accessories: Shokz - all day, every day!



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